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:: Reservations – Frequently Asked Questions ::

1. When does the Hotel open?

Each year, the Adrina Resort & Spa opens after the first 10 days of June.

2. Does the Hotel work with Travel Agents/Tour Operators?

Adrina Resort & Spa does not contractually commit or allocate rooms to Agents. We handle agent bookings the same as all other bookings – based on availability.


3. What is the procedure for making a reservation? What deposit is required?

In order to make a reservation, you may either call us or send us an e-mail. We will then check our availability and send you a booking confirmation form with a reservation number. To secure the booking, guests then have 2 choices:a) Direct bank deposit of an amount equal to half of the cost of stay, as determined by the sent confirmation form or b) complete and sign the credit card authorization form (we need full amount authorization) you will find attached to our confirmation letter. In this case, the credit card expiration date, must be after the confirmed date of departure from our Hotel. Important notice:Regardless of which deposit option you choose, the reservation will have to be finalized by the specified date. Past this date, you will be contacted to determine whether the request is still valid.

4. What happens if I cancel my confirmed reservation?

Cancelling a reservation, creates an uncomfortable situation for both parties. We certainly strive to avoid this unpleasant situation and do our best to accommodate all reasonable requests. Our hotels have only been forced to charge cancellation fees a handful of times, because our cancellation policy is well communicated, concise and valid: Change or cancellation requests, must be submitted by fax or email minimum 21 calendar days before the scheduled date of arrival. In the case of Non-Show or for reservation cancelled in total or in part after the 21 day time limit, the Hotel will charge one half of the value of the reservation. This is also effective for cutting down the number of days, after the commencement of the stay at the Hotel.

5. How about changing the dates of my reservation?

The same regulations as above apply for room changes as well. Changes are only possible if there is availability for the newly requested dates. In our experience, however, there rarely is availability unless the request is made well in advance of the 21 day time limit. Therefore, more often than not, the deposit will need to be forfeited since the new request will not be easily accommodated.

6. Can I combine bookings for both Adrina Hotels?

You may certainly stay at both hotels during a single visit. Our Reservations department, will suggest all possible alternatives if there is limited availability in either hotel.

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