Useful Tips (travel – parking)

a) Ferry/Hydrofoil (fast boat) travel companies, every year,announce their time schedules on the 1st of May. Then, there is a change on these time schedules usually in the first 15 days of June. Many Skopelos – Alonissos travellers, book their accommodation early, and on May or June, they book online their tickets.


b) Between 15/06 – 15/09 the best way to reach Skopelos island, is via scheduled flight to Skiathos island, taxi to the harbour of Skiathos (5 minutes), and then boat or hydrofoil to Skopelos . There is no need to book a taxi in Skiathos island. If you want to go to Skopelos , you must find a flight, arriving early on Skiathos island and departing late in order to feel more lucky. There is also water taxi third party service from Skiathos island to Skopelos, by appointment. It costs 150 euros up to 5 persons, from 6-10 persons the charge is 200 euros and from 11-15 persons the cost is 250 euros. The journey takes 20-25 minutes to Adrina. Call Dimitris at the following numbers: +30 6980200200 & +30 6976806938. He can also, if you wish, to book a taxi, waiting for you at the airport, and drive you to the water taxis. Taxi costs about 12-14 euros by appointment, 8-9 euros without appointment.

c) For travel in July and August, we strongly recommend that you book round trip tickets well in advance. Reservations changes incur a fee.

d) Skopelos island has two ports – Glossa ( Loutraki) & Skopelos Town. It is advised that you check with your accommodation provider which one serves you better. The two ports have different ticket price.

e) There are daily transfers from Aghios Konstantinos and Volos to Skiathos – Skopelos – Alonissos.

f) If you are travelling via Athens, you can depart to Skopelos from the following ports:

i) Ag. Constantinos,

ii) Mantoudi, Evia,

iii) Kimi, Evia

f1) There exist daily itineraries from Ag. Constantinos by Hellenic Seaways or Aegean Flying Dolphins via speedboats or ship. For the routes managed by Hellenic Seaways, you may contact the agency: Alkyon Travel, 97 Akademias st., Kanigos Square, +30 2103832545. For the routes managed by Aegean Flying Dolphins, you may contact the agency: Jeta Tours,54 Nikis st., Syntagma Square, +30 2103227353. Both agencies, provide a bus service to the port, from which the Ship or Speedboat departs. In the case that you do not wish to purchase your tickets from downtown Athens,(which necessitates that you go downtown for your tickets, some days in advance of your departure), we suggest, that you contact the agencies located on the port of Ag. Constantinos for a reservation: Alkyon Travel, +30 2235031989 or Bilalis Travel, +30 2235031874. These agencies may contact the Athenian agencies, are arrange for your bus ticket to the port. The bus ticket, will be available for you, in either Syntagma or Kanigos square agencies. There is the possibility of a stop for boarding on the national road (Kaliftaki Stop), which is convenient for travelers, located on the Northern Suburbs, but requires previous confirmation. If you are travelling by car, you can make a reservation with the Ag. Constantinos agencies, and you may pick your tickets up, as soon as you arrive there.

f2) From Mantoudi, you may board a ship managed by ANES ferries ( You may reach Mantoudi via a connecting bus from Athens.

f3) From Kimi, you may board a ship, managed by SNE ferries (

g) The secure way to go to Thessaloniki, is through Volos port, which there is daily correspondence from Skopelos. You can go from Thessaloniki to Volos or the opposite, by renting a car from . You will deliver the car to Volos and then when you depart you will deliver the car to Thessaloniki.

h) If you intent to take the train to Volos, use only the Intercity train!!! Only the IC, goes directly to your destination, without many stops and train changes.

Access from other countries

a) Chartered flight to Skiathos – Taxi to Skiathos port (5 min) – Boat or Hydrofoil to the island of Skopelos .

b) Chartered or scheduled flight to Athens – Domestic Flight to Skiathos airport (35 min) – Taxi from the airport to Skiathos port (5 min) -Boat or Hydrofoil to port of Glossa(Loutraki) (20 min) or Skopelos (up to 45 min).

c) Chartered or scheduled flight to Athens airport – Taxi to 97 Akadimias St. at Alkyon Travel Offices, or to 54 Nikis St. Jeta Tours Offices.

d) Chartered or scheduled flight to Thessaloniki – bus or taxi to Thessaloniki port – Boat or Hydrofoil or boat to Skopelos port( not every year).

e) Chartered or scheduled flight to Thessaloniki – bus or railway to Volos port – Boat or Hydrofoil or boat to Skopelos port.

f) By private car via Italy (to Patras or Igoumenitsa) – across Greek mainland to port of Volos or Ag. Constantinos – Ship or Speedboat to Skopelos port.

Access from within Greece

a) Athens to Skiathos: by air takes 35 minutes and from Skiathos to Volos by Flying Dolphin takes 1 hour and 30 minutes and by boat 2 hours and 30 minutes.

b) Athens to Aghios Konstantinos: Bus or taxi to Alkyon Travel, 97 Akademias Street, Kanigos Square, Jeta Tours 54 Nikis street, Syntagma Square. From there, you may board a bus to Ag. Constantinos and from there, the connecting ferries or speedboats to the Sporades.

c) Athens to Mantoudi, Evia: Bus from Athens to Mantoudi and from there, the connecting ferries to the Sporades.

d) Athens to Kimi, Evia: There exist no public transportation itinerary for Kimi. You will have to use your private vehicle.

e) Athens to Volos: by road with the KTEL (National Coach Company). Coach takes about four hours (Distance in km Athens-Volos: 324) – Boat or Hydrofoil to Skiathos – Skopelos – Alonissos.

f) From Athens to Volos: by train on the Intercity takes 4 hours and 30 minutes – Boat or Hydrofoil to Skiathos – Skopelos – Alonissos.

g) From Thessaloniki to Volos: by road with the KTEL coach takes about 3 hours (Distance in km Thessaloniki-Volos: 216) – Boat or Hydrofoil to Skiathos – Skopelos – Alonissos.

h) From Thessaloniki to Volos: by train takes 3 hours – Boat or Hydrofoil to Skiathos – Skopelos – Alonissos.

i) From Thessaloniki port: (Only June to mid September and not every year) – Boat or Hydrofoil to Skiathos – Skopelos – Alonissos.


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