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:: Facilities – Frequently Asked Questions ::

1. Can I use the facilities at the Adrina Resort and Spa, while staying at the Adrina Beach and v.v.?

You may certainly use the facilities of both hotels (beaches, wi-fi, spa, restaurants, beach bars). The two hotels have a common data base, which allows guests to charge things to their rooms without the need to carry cash.


2. How close are the two hotels?

The Hotels are only 150 meters away from each other. Free car transport is available upon request.

3. Is there internet connection?

There is free wi-fi internet at the public areas of reception & restaurant. Wi-fi internet also reaches the room balconies. The access codes will be provided by Reception. Should you require internet in the room, we can loan you an easy to install signal amplifier.

4. Is there free parking?

There is free parking around the reception building for Hotel guests only.

5. What is the beach like?

This is a smooth, rounded pebble beach – clean and easy on the feet. Beach beds and umbrellas, are free of charge for all guests.

6. Where can I moor my boat?

There is a small jetty right in front of the hotel, which can accommodate small boats. It can be used for embarkation or for stern-tying a small boat and securing with an anchor. The hotel also offers mooring buoys. The use of an anchor, is highly recommended.

7. Which are the nearby beaches and villages?

The closest beaches are the smaller pebbly Adrina’s – to the left and right of the hotels. The lovely, pebbly beach of the small village of Panormos, is about 500 meters down the road from the Hotel. Here you will also find a well stocked market. Milia Beach is just 3 minutes by car, and Kastani Beach just 5 minutes. Both these beaches are sandy.

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