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Dobrodošli u novi, luksuzni Adrina Spa. Ovo je mesto koje pruža smirenje i blagostanje.

Naši stručni fizioterapeuti će vam pomoći da osvežite dušu i telo, da izgubite osećaj o vremenu i da osetite kako vas stres postepeno napušta. Svaki naš gost nam je jako vredan i cilj nam je da svakome pružimo kraljevsku negu. Pružamo vam veliki izbor tretmana sa raznim prednostima

Posetioci mogu da zakažu masažu, tretmane lica i tela, jacuzzi, hammam, manikir, pedikir i frizerski salon.

U sklopu se takođe nalazi kompletno opremljena teretana za odrasle, otvorena svakodnevno od 09:00 do 21:00, besplatna za goste hotela.

Radno vreme 10:00 – 20:00      Broj telefona: 20 


Relax Massage

Whole body massage with targeted movements by the therapist. It provides the possibility of absolute relaxation.

Aromatherapy Massage

It balances and rejuvenates the entire body with the application of specific essential oils chosen personally for each client. It is applied to the whole body, face and head. It helps to deal with stress.

Head Massage

Head massage with gentle pressure on chakra points. Ideal for the treatment of migraines and headaches. It offers the ultimate relaxation.

Candle Massage

Set in a peaceful, scented atmosphere, this massage with warm candles creates an immersive experience. The dainty, creamy, hot wax flows over the body, deeply nourishing the skin. At the same point, a combination of massage, stretches, gentle pressure and large contiguous movements relaxes the muscle system and stimulates blood circulation, helping the body to expel all of the tensions.

Double Massage

Total relaxation massage for 2 persons at the same time, with Adrina Spa treatments of your preference. An ideal choice for couples. (The price of Double Massage is indicative depending on the treatment of your preference)


Hot Stones Therapy

Ancient massage method used by Native North American for the needs of rehab and relaxation of the body and mind. The use of volcanic stone, which has the property of maintaining its temperature, offers a treatment that combines massage and heat.

Sea Holistic Therapy with Bolus

The massage with hot pouches, a traditional method in Thailand, is applied to soothe the nervous system, to balance the energy, to soothe aching muscles and areas of discomfort. A mixture of marine crystals and sea lavender composes the pouches which are placed hot, in order to absorb tension and pain. The vapor, which diffuses with sophisticated, relaxing aroma of sea lavender, is absorbed by the skin, giving it softness and shine. A combination of pressures, massage with hands and with pouches offers relaxation and balance of the body and spirit, offering full relief and wellness. This traditional massage ends with manually massage and the application of moisturizer and gentle silky sea lavender for smooth and firm skin. Obvious effects of this massage are emitted to external and internal radiation. Your facial features reveal the maximum relaxation and satisfaction.

Golden Spa Therapy – Wellness – Hydration – Anti-Aging with 24 carat Gold

A complete body treatment for detoxification, hydration, anti-aging, renewal, rejuvenation and wellness through luxury of gold and the subtle scent of the flowers of the fields and desert. Artemisia, the flower of the Passion, minerals, like gold, white flower and nacre perfume take you on a magical journey of the senses and of positive energy flow, wrapping you in a veil of gold. Freshness, smells and shine in perpetual art of beauty.

Full Body Thalassotherapy

Seaweed therapy which helps in detoxing and activating the blood circulation. It contributes to toning the skin as well as fighting cellulite when it is applied locally.


Aloe Treatment

The substances of the Aloe Vera plant are beneficial to the healing of the skin and cell regeneration. The topical aloe reefs contain a large percentage of pure gel of Aloe which relieves the symptoms of skin disorders such as burns, surface wounds and irritations. Moreover it has healing, regenerative, and anti- ageing action. The treatment with Adrina’s Aloe includes Aloe wrap (15 minutes) and whole body massage with essential oils.


Spa Intensive Eye Care

Special revitalizing and rejuvenating treatment for the eye area. It facilitates the absorption of collagen and elastin as it helps to moisturize, offering glow in the eye area.

Express Facial Therapy

Peeling, mask application and moisturizer according to skin type.

Hydra Blue Treatment – Detox and Plumping Moisturizing

Comprehensive and specialized care with dual action moisturize. It quenches and hydrates your thirsty skin in just a few minutes. Simultaneously it activates the proteins, which contribute to cellular adhesion and for strengthening of the dermal tissue. The innovative mask Chauffant nettoyant with sea-zeolite and kaolin cleanses, oxygenates and detoxifies, making your skin to breathe better. A perfect combination of high efficiency for clean, hydrated, smooth and luminous skin.

Douceur Marine

Ideal care that soothes and relieves the sensitive skin. It works on inflammations and irritations thanks to the large concentration in soothing ingredients. Water from marine sources, Phyco saccharides, extract of corals improve microcirculation, ensuring smooth and dewy skin.

Golden Veil Lifting

Travel to the heart of the legendary city of Gold with this treatment. The Golden Veil Face Treatment gives you the opportunity to get the most from preventive and anti-wrinkle properties of pure gold. This treatment reduces the depth of wrinkles, and smoothes the skin. The results are audible and visible from the first treatment: the signs of aging are reduced, the lines are soften, shine and skin quality are improved. In this therapy the Myrrh and Frankincense are mixed with Gold, creating a valuable combination of active ingredients in search of absolute youth.


The word “hammam” is an arabic word, which means “spreader of warmth”.

One – two persons


We invite you to take advantage of the great opportunity we offer and improve your health

Max two persons


  • Spa Manicure
  • Spa French Manicure
  • Spa Pedicure
  • Spa French Pedicure
  • Semi-permanent Manicure
  • Semi-permanent Pedicure

Adrina Spa Waxing

  • Lip & Chin
  • Face
  • Armpits
  • Whole Hands
  • Half Hands
  • Whole legs
  • Half legs
  • Bikini
  • Chest or Back (for men)
  • Eyebrow Shape
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